Seller Solutions with Joseph Fitzpatrick

When it comes time to consider selling one's home, naturally, concerns will surface that will give homeowners cold feet. The agents of the Fitzpatrick Team at RE/MAX in Rhode Island had an in-depth round table discussion regarding the solutions we can offer sellers before problems arise. We have solutions for every issue & we are happy to guide you through the process of selling your home. No rock will be left unturned.

"I have nowhere to go." 


Fitzpatrick Team Solution


  • The Fitzpatrick Team is happy to suggest up-and-coming towns with more affordable pricing. 

  • Consider downsizing and browsing the condominium market. 

  • Take a break from being a homeowner, & move back into a rental. 

  • Use the proceeds of the sale and finally travel the world! 

"I'm emotionally attached to my house." 


Fitzpatrick Team Solution

  • The impracticality will soon outweigh your emotional attachment.

  • You can always bring your favorite things and recreate it somewhere else. 

  • You are totally capable of building new memories in a more practical & affordable house. 

"Now is not the right time!" 


Fitzpatrick Team Solution:

  • Your house has never been worth more money than it’s today.

  • The Fitzpatrick Team will help you reevaluate your timeline, and find the best time to sell. 

 "A family member occupies the house." 


Fitzpatrick Team Solution:

  • The Fitzpatrick Team has a full rental database to help your family members find a new place. 

  • You could offer your family members upfront rent from proceeds of the sale.

 "I'm renovating the house and it's not ready for the market." 


Fitzpatrick Team Solution:

  • The Fitzpatrick Team will price your property to sell.

  • Condition of the home is no obstacle in today’s competitive market. 

  • Reconsider using your renovation costs for wiggle room in negotiations and closing.

"I don't want to pay a commission." 


Fitzpatrick Team Solution:

  • Statistics show that you net more when using a real estate agent. 

  • If you miss a legal obligation, it can cost you more than our commission. 

  • Save you time and energy with our professional marketing team. 

  • Fitzpatrick Team listings sell faster than FSBOS.

 "I have a realtor in the family." 


Fitzpatrick Team Solution:

  • The Fitzpatrick Team is happy to pay a referral fee.

  • We offer state-of-the-art in trend marketing.

  • We have incredible stats. 

"I'm upside down on my home." 


Fitzpatrick Team Solution:

  • Short sale is a much better scenario than foreclosure. 

  • The Fitzpatrick Team has negotiated many short sales.

  • Great marketing will help us get close to your price point.

"I don't want to move the kids!" 


Fitzpatrick Team Solution:

  • The Fitzpatrick Team is well versed in other markets with quality schools.

  • There are always programs to keep your kids in the same school, while living in another town. 

  • Let’s start the process now & sell when you are ready!