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It was a pleasure doing business with you.


The real estate business is built upon trust, integrity, and connections. There is sustained value in the exchange of referrals and that is why the Fitzpatrick Team created the Referral Exchange Network. 

How it works?

Who do you know that is looking to buy or sell real estate? If you know someone, please fill out this simple referral form and send them our way.

In return, you will unlock our Master Preferred Vendor list which includes over 50 Trusted Vendors across Rhode Island. This vendor list includes contact information for general contractors, painters, cleaners, attorneys, pet sitters, and more. Everyone you would need to manage your home and day to day life. 

Who do you know looking to buy or sell?

Thank you for your referral!

Looking for an additional good deed? Do you mind leaving me a review?

I work in a referral based industry, and your online testimonial will go a long way. Would you be willing to leave me a positive review on one of the links below?

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