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27 Sales Tools




1.) Market Analysis

FT will offer an in depth and time accurate market analysis in order to provide our sellers with the best possible outcome.

2.) Accurate Pricing

Our goal is to sell your home quickly and at the best possible price. However, accurate pricing to reflect the luxury market is extremely important. We will show you the price, instead of 'telling' you.

3.) Transaction Coordinator

FT employs a full-time transaction coordinator to assist with all contract writing and transaction details. No detail is missed and all deadlines are met.

4.) Team Assistant

FT employs a full-time transaction coordinator to assist with all contract writing and transaction details. No detail is missed and all deadlines are met.

5.) Team Support

Working with a team has its perks. FT has full-time agents, showing agents, buyers agents, transaction coordinators, operating officers, assistants, and a marketing department - which allows each deal to run seamlessly, every time.

6.) Listing Preparation

We work side by side with a property maintenance company called Sparks Property Maintenance. We retain their services for our clients, to prepare the property for listing, but also for move-in and move-out.

7.) Reverse Prospecting

Engaging in reverse prospecting to target luxury buyers is a strong tactic when looking for buyers in the $1 million plus price range. Reverse Prospecting allows us to view a list of contacts that have saved home criteria that matched a seller's property.


Online Sales

8.) MLS & Third Party Sites

Your property will be listed immediately on MLS, which in turn will be populated on Zillow and relative Third-Party websites like Trulia, and more.

9.) Custom Websites

We like to treat each luxury property like it's own brand. FT offers each luxury listing a custom websites to further showcase the property and tell its story.


FT is in partnership with LUXEVT, specializing in luxury real estate marketing campaigns, branding, print, mail & signage.

11.) Global & Local Press

FT invests in international luxury advertising so your home will be featured in prominent global brands including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Robb Report and dePont Registry.

12.) Powered by Google

FT is invested in Google because of the return it offers not only our agents, but our clients. We have a Google Ad Specialist on staff to maintain exposure for our brand and our listings. All of our listings receive designated advertising spend to attract new targeted buyers. All of our listings receive a custom video which is listed on YouTube.

13.) Social Media

Our marketing team is an absolute power house & is equipped with various specialists that offer strategic posting, content creation, communication support, creative campaigns, online open-houses, and so much more. You can find Fitzpatrick Team active on: Facebook, Instagram, NextDoor, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Online Sales

'Off'line Sales

14.) Luxury Forum Network

The Fitzpatrick Team RE/MAX RESULTS is led by team leader, Joseph Fitzpatrick, who has been recognized nationally, as a luxury expert by the Annual RE/MAX Luxury Forum. Joe offers education and mentorship in team leadership, sales and luxury marketing.

15.) Pre-Home Inspection

In some cases, we like to offer a pre-home inspection to show confidence in the sale, but also streamline the sales process.

16.) Print Marketing

FT publishes showing Magazines & luxury mailers that target affluent homeowners and luxury agents across Rhode Island.

17.) Staging Consultation

FT has teamed up with J. Allan & Paradise Home Staging. Our goal is to make sure your property looks its very best when we list, so we are offering complimentary consultations.

18.) Broker Open Houses

To get the most professional eyes on your property, FT will organize a state-wide open house to invite the top agents to learn more about the property.

19.) Relocation Referrals

The RE/MAX network is MASSIVE, and our team is fully engaged with agents across the country! If you are relocating to a new state, FT is happy to connect you with trustworthy professionals at your final destination.

'Off'line Sales

Marketing Collateral

20.) Cinematic Video

Seamount Media offers incredible cinematic videos you won't find anywhere else on the island. We offer full-length property videos, property walkthroughs with an agent, and lifestyle narratives that will help sell your property. They are contracted to our team for the next year.


All video is optimized for desktop and mobile devices - and broadcasts across all channels including MLS, Third Party Websites, Social Media and YouTube.

21.) Stunning Visuals

We have long standing relationships with photographers & videographers in Rhode Island. Connection Street Media offers a thorough & exciting listing package and George Gray is an amazing architectural photographer, shooting for Rhode Island School of Design and New York Yacht Club.

22.) Storytelling Content

We work with an outstanding creative team when it comes to selling homes at this price. Marial Maher is our Director of Marketing and it's her responsibility to seamlessly bring marketing, sales, and creative teams together to coordinate a comprehensive real estate experience across all channels. Most importantly, she brings creative insight, ideas, strategies, and storytelling to life when listing your home online.


23.) Schematic Design

Schematic renderings will be done prior to listing your house on MLS. This will expand your pool of buyer interest. Homes that offer schematic renderings are proven to sell faster than those that are not. Allowing buyers to see the property's full potential will allow sellers to achieve their desired sales prices. These forms of sketches can help buyers visualize the different routes their potential project could take.

24.) Virtual Staging

We can virtually furnish an entire house overnight! Fill your listing with stylish furniture which allows buyers to visualize themselves in the home. Select from our range of style options to stage your listing to suit the home.

25.) Matterport Tours

Matterport Tours will allow buyers to visit the property remotely. This will help us vet our serious buyers & reach people globally.

26.) Floor Plans

We offer floor plans for properties that will benefit from them in more challenging transactions.

Marketing Collateral

27. Shoot Now, Sell Later

You’ve decided to sell your home during a cold Rhode Island January. Lawns are muddy, trees are bare, and the colors of mother earth are extremely unsaturated with life. Fortunately enough, the Fitzpatrick Team has archived photos from that one colorful Fall afternoon where the leaves were vibrantly orange against a bright blue sky. Your listing will stand out tremendously amongst a grid of gray.

Our goal is to stay nimble, smart, and effective with our brand new listing strategy called Shoot Now, Sell Later -- a low-pressure program to prepare our Rhode Island homeowners with the best possible advantage in any season, any market. Regardless of when you are ready to sell your home, the Fitzpatrick Team wants to make sure your property looks it’s very best when it hits the digital atmosphere of MLS & Zillow. Between Labor Day and Thanksgiving, the Fitzpatrick Team wants to capture your home during the most colorful time of year! The program is low pressure and absolutely no cost. Please contact the team to schedule your property shoot today.

Shoot Now, Sell Later
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